Callen-Lorde and SAGE continue the Hamptons Tea Dance tradition on Saturday, July 16, from 4 to 8 pm at Nova’s Ark Project. This vibrant, not-to-be-missed, outdoor celebration draws an impressive crowd of over 1,000 notable LGBTQ+ New Yorkers and their allies – making it the largest LGBTQ+ event in the Hamptons.


Callen-Lorde and SAGE’s initiatives and events like Hamptons Tea Dance are  made possible through the support of our generous corporate sponsors. The  venue and format of this event allows for endless possibilities for corporate and brand activations. This year, we are offering the opportunity to sponsor a variety of activations including the bars and photo booth. This is a dynamic way to promote your brand to over 1,000 influential LGBTQ+ guests and their allies at one of the season’s most sought after events. Purchase a sponsorship today.


Chad Beguelin & Thomas Sleeman

Louis Bradbury & Kenneth Quay

John Cucci

Jeff Gates & Michael Moran

Charles Johnston & John Crocker

Zahur Karim

Ross Moody

Greg E. Schmidt & Alexandra Setta Monteiro

John M. Scott & Richard Reichgut

Glen Troost & Brett Gilbert

Barry Skovgaard & Marc Wolinsky

Diamond Sponsors

John M. Scott & Richard Reichgut

Gold Sponsors

Louis Bradbury & Kenneth Quay

John Cucci

Citi Private Bank 

Silver Sponsors

Chad Beguelin & Tom Sleeman

Jeff Gates & Mike Moran

Charles Johnson & John Crocker

Zahur Karim

Ross Moody

Greg E. Schmidt & Alexandre Setta Monteiro

Barry Skovgaard & Marc Wolinsky

Bronze Sponsors

Monte Albers De Leon & Michael Meltzer

Gary Horowitz & Thomas Wyse

Jeffrey L. Jackman

Graham Klemm

Kieran McGoldrick

Rob Migacz

Adriel Reboh

Dr. David Seligman

Leading Patron Sponsor

Kenneth Alpert & Andrew Petron

Robert W. Brooks

Kevin Cassidy

Melissa Cohn

David Fink & Simon Kinsella

John Gregory & Edward J. Tawil

Joel Isaacs & Greg Flood

Mitchell Karsch & Jack Wettling

Matthew McGuirk

Daniel Neumann

Robert Regina & Gene Kagan

Jayne Baron Sherman & Deby Zum

Stuart Sklar & Mark McIntire

B. Kevin Sterns

Olive F. Watson & Joseine Stallinga

Mady J. Schuman & Kathy Morrow 




2019 Hamptons Tea Dance